Information on EU regulation REACH, (EC) No. 1907/2006

REACH, (EC) No. 1907/2006, is an EU regulation that entered into force on 1 June 2007. The main objective of the legislation is to protect human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals and to transfer responsibility for risk assessment to manufacturers, importers and the companies that sell chemical products.

REACH includes, among other things, requirements for the registration of chemical substances. Those who manufacture and import a substance must identify the risks associated with the substance and register it, if it is manufactured or imported in quantities of more than one tonne per year. If the substance is not registered, it may not be sold. The registration is done with ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency.

According to the REACH regulation, Westmetall is seen as a distributor of metals and not a producer or importer of chemical substances.

Westmetall sells products that contain chemical substances, which must be registered according to REACH articles 7.1-5. However, the registration requirement no longer applies because the substances have already been registered by our suppliers or importers.

In cases where Westmetall sells a product containing an SVHC substance (Substances of Very High Concern), we are obliged to inform the customer.

Examples of alloys containing SVHC are EN AW-6026, -2007 & -2011. The lead value of the mentioned alloys is above the SVHC limit. Replacement alloys exist and have been implemented by Westmetall, which means that today we primarily market & stock alloys that are within the limit value for lead.

Westmetall AB, Hisings Backa, 2023-03-20