Short summary of 2023

Time flies and 2023 is already coming to an end. Westmetall would like to wish customers, suppliers and other partners a good continuation and a Happy New Year 2024.

2023 didn't turn out quite as we thought. The economy failed and prices fell. Despite this, Westmetall increased the delivery of material compared to the previous year, but turnover is slightly back. The LME in SEK/KG ended at approx. 1 sek/kg lower than at the start of the year.

In summary, it was significantly more stable than the previous year.

The tone for the future feels positive and we look forward to 2024 with excitement and hope for recovery and growth for all our customers. And peace on our earth.

With hope for a successful 2024 for all our friends.

Sincerely / Westmetall AB



Reportage in Kommun & Näringsliv

A while ago Westmetall had a visit from Axel from the newspaper Kommun & Näringsliv.

Please click on the image below to see their report about our company.

Number 4 / September 2023 (page40)



Half-year reconciliation

Q1 & Q2 has passed and we are heading into the summer holiday season.

The market situation feels stable in most of our customer categories, which of course pleases us.

We had expected a greater decline than has actually occurred. Commodity prices have fallen somewhat, but are being held up by extremely high currencies.

Since the turn of the year, the price in the LME is down approx. 1.40 sek/kg.

Westmetall wants to thank you all for the past six months and wishes you all a nice summer.



Aluminium prices are predicted to increase sharply

Since the turn of the year, the raw material price of aluminum has risen by approx. 2,5 sek/kg.

Premium is also increasing, and now Goldman Sachs announces that they are predicting a sharp increase in the price of aluminum during the year.

See link to the article: Goldman on Aluminum (Aluminium) Market News: January 15, 2023 - Bloomberg



Short summary of 2022

2022 is coming to an end and team Westmetall would like to wish our customers, suppliers and other partners a good continuation and a Happy New Year. 

For Westmetall, the past year has meant strong growth, investments in warehouse space, personnel and production.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, the Aluminium raw material price peaked and has since fallen back to levels we had at the beginning of the year.

We have been working on a new website for the past month, which is now published. Our complete stock range is now available in PDF format and will be avaliable in catalog form in the near future.

With hope for a succesful 2023 for all our friends.

Kind Regards / Westmetall AB



The company's investment for the future

The metal stock holder Westmetall has invested in two new Schelling plate saws. The company has also inaugurated the new production facility for cutting and sawing plates, bars and profiles in the new premises.

The expansion is in close proximity to the main warehouse, which made it easier for the company logistically. The decision to invest in machinery was made quickly, as plate processing has previously been a bottleneck. Now the capacity has more than doubled and the newly added saws have made it possible to handle thicknesses up to 160 mm from the company's own stock.

Together with the previous investment of the market's fastest rod cutter, the company is now able to handle dimensions up to a diameter of 545mm. More machines and additional warehouse space are now planned, as the ambition is to increase the presence on the Nordic market and continue to take shares of old and new products.

Source: Press release